Bruce Hahn


bchahn grew up in San Antonio.  After High School he attended Princeton University, and his senior thesis at Princeton was a creative project on the Nature of Photographic Space.  He was awarded summa cum laude honors at graduation based on his thesis work.

Then, bchahn moved back to Austin to attend graduate school at the School of Communications at the University of Texas.

In his last year in Film School in Austin, bchahn began writing computer software in earnest for his master’s degree.  In 1975, he joined a startup software company in Dallas working in the oil and gas industry.  In 1976, he built a research and development team in Austin, Texas for HAL Systems. Currently, he is the CTO of a data visualization startup company in Austin: TRMTECH, LLC.

bchahn has been the team manager at 6 different Austin companies leading research projects in complex software product design.  He and his family live on the Colorado River in Smithville — just a short drive from Austin.

His software development efforts remain synonymous with his art. His most recent design research maximizes cloud computer resources to produce new fields of synthetic reality.

Artist Statement

bchahn’s Mind Photographs explore the linguistic philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein’s questions on the nature and durability of language.

His photographic attempts include deconstructing traditional grammar by rebuilding language. Knitting color, space, place and time together, the computer software produces direct to print Mind Photographs.

Letters bloom red in a rose. Rain lights a city at night. Time tiles a moving curtain.

Recent advances in technology have un-shuttered the scope of language. Publishing language and the linearity of thought forced by mechanical processes are now gone. Language suddenly evolves. Authoring thought changes. bchahn’s Mind Photographs live in that exciting new place.

From the Selectric type ball, capture single frames at the exact moment before the steel letter hits the paper. String together the letter frames into small strands of alphabet. Create game boards of space, color and light. Complete the letter pawns and collect a larger set of new chess pieces. March out the army of kings, queens, bishops, rooks and knights. March out the army of suns, rains, winds, clouds and wars. Suddenly, you can stream code across the wires.