Ginger Siemans

Ginger SiemansI am married with 2 grown children and along with a nursing career have always loved to create things with my hands. Lots of hobbies….so much so that when I started big time into wheel thrown pottery, my husband and son had to build me a pottery studio. My son knowing my fleeting interests in so many different things–told me… as he was helping to pour the concrete slab…you better stay with this hobby for a LONG time. So for 13 years I “potted” then got hooked onto metal clays and metal smithing as part of a new adventure teaching high school art. I love to explore new mediums with jewelry and feel like I have come into my own with my own designs.

Ginger Siemans' Jewelry1Jewelry: metal clay jewelry–metal clays microparticled (my word) with a binder so it acts like clay when I am working with it but once fired in a kiln—the binder is fired off and it is fine silver, bronze or copper. Really cool…care for these metal pieces are the same for any silver, bronze or copper piece–polish with a silver cloth.

New encaustic wax jewelry–I create the copper bezels with copper sheet metal and then have a hollow space to add the colored encaustic waxes. Encaustic wax is beeswax plus damar resin–painting medium from before Egyptian times. I either carve or use fire to create the designs. Last step is to seal with a clear ICE resin which enhances the colors of the waxes. Care for the encaustic wax pieces is only precautionary—I wouldn’t leave in a hot car all day during the summer (cars can get over 130 degrees) You on the other hand will never get that hot-so wearing in any weather is never a problem.